Nice warm day in the 80's, with stronger wind than I would have preferred... but it helped keep me cool.I fished 2 spots that require a significant amount of walking. I ended the day with over 10,000 steps. First spot, I wanted to catch my first Grass Carp of the year. Used a 7wt rod. Didn't take long, thankfully. I didn't see the fish first, just cast where I thought one might be, and the indictor bounced within a couple seconds. I missed another great strike, and then presented to a Grass Carp I DID see, and it hit, but I somehow missed that one too.I spotted some small topminnows and mosquitofish, and tried for them with some micro flies. They bit, but I was unable to hook any.At the second place, I hoped to see and catch my first gar of the year, plus catch some bowfin and warmouth. I still haven't caught any warmouth here yet this year, but the gar were definitely out and about now. Very strange how they can be absent and then everywhere in just a week or two. I used an 8wt rod here. I missed/lost quite a few bowfin and gar, but managed to land 4 Bowfin and 3 Shortnose Gar, as well as a couple Green Sunfish.I saw another fella who was also fishing. We didn't sssssssspeak.