I've been messing around with a slightly different frog pattern that has really come out nicely. I call it the low rider frog because it presents a low profile using less balsa wood. This makes it lighter to cast and with all the balsa on top of the hook, this pattern flips over onto its belly no matter how it lands. I use Gamakatsu BS10 hooks which I really like for poppers, This hook has a nice wide gap which allows me to add fly lipps if I want like I did on this one, Also, the shape of the Gamakatsu hook slopes down for the curve which gives me plenty of room to tie in the Living Frog legs. The configuration causes the frog to sit flat with its legs down in the water like a real frog. The photo on the bottom shows the frog sitting in the water (bathroom sink) with the legs (and hook) down where the fish will grab it. Since it sits so low in the water, it really digs in and divers 2-3" deep on the strip return. This pattern has loads of action in the water and has turned out to be a real keeper. https://gifyu.com/image/Sip1d