After reading the two recent threads about furled leaders, I have decided to try to give it a go. I spent this morning building my leader jig, and now I have a question about what material to use. Most commercially available furled leaders seem to be made out of mono, yet it seeems as if you guys are using Uni 6/0 or 8/0 fly tying thread. I want to build my leaders for both my 3 wt and 5 wt rods and will be fishing in northern Akansas for trout. Which line, fly tying thread or mono, would be best for this type of fishing? What size or pound test of mono would you reccommend if I go in that direction? What color fly tying thread do you prefer should that be the direction I head off in? Sorry for the number of questions, but I know of no better source of imformation than here at good ole FAOL.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, James

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