Lots of reels on the board lately, so I'm offering this one as an alternate to the Ross that I recently listed. I definitely need to thin the proverbial herd, but will keep whichever doesn't get spoken for first. This is another excellent reel in my opinion and experience, and is in excellent shape. It's a disc drag reel from when Orvis was producing them in the UK, before eventually shifting production to Asia. Both reel and spool will come with backing, and on one I will include a used but good condition 5 wt. SA Mastery GPX line (no loop) in willow color. In addition to the original boxes and paperwork, I will also provide the original foam and synthetic sheepskin clamshell case. Orvis rated this reel as being for line weights 5-7, but it is exceptionally lightweight (great for today's lighter weight rods), so in practice I used it for 4 and even 3 weight rods as well. Selling all for $175, including shipment in the continental US.For some reason the ability to imbed or attach photos seems to be completely disabled now, so please PM me and I'll send you any and all photos you'd like and/or can arrange a video call of some sort to show you everything "live". Thanks.