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    I thought I'd shre something a bit different for some of the newer members. I like to find ways to "simplify" my tying when I can. I am not a production tyer, so I don't keep my scissors looped on my finger at all times. I put them down when I'm tying in materials or applying adhesives. I have a habit of putting my scissors down wherever I find a spot, so I end up having to hunt for them when I need them. I decided to tape a magnet on the side of my vise base and always put them there when I'm done using them. I have another magnet on the other side of my base where I keep the scissors I use for cutting wire. This simple solution has made tying a bit more enjoyable, so I thought I share it here in case anyone else has a similar habit with their scissors.

    The wire cutting scissors are used by Surgeon's to cut wire in the OR. I picked them up at a local Army Navy Surplus store for $2 around 20 years ago and have been using them ever since. You'll notice the small teeth in the serrated edge. These "capture" the wire and hold it in place for cutting. Absolutely the best scissors I've ever used for the light gauge wire I use when making dubbing brushes etc. I recommend that you stop by your local Military Surplus store to see if they have any. They should only cost about $2 and it is money well spent.
    Just a few tips for the newer tyers.

    Jim Smith
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