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Thread: Classic Ross Cimarron Reel and Spare Spool

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    Default Classic Ross Cimarron Reel and Spare Spool (Lower price and upgraded)

    Lowered price slightly and adding a used but good condition 5 wt. fly line, an SA Mastery GPX (no loop) in willow color. A recent addition to an already embarrassingly large number of reels and spools that I've amassed over the years has led me to the difficult decision to start selling some that aren't getting their fair share of use. This is still one of the favorites in my collection, but the reality is that I've either sold off the lighter weight rods that I bought it for over the years or very seldom fished any that I kept. It's the C-1 size, which Ross rates for 3-5 weight lines, but I had it rigged for 3's and 4's. While I've owned it for a long while - this was produced roughly from 1999-2005 and I'm the original owner - I have fished it very, very few times, possibly only in the single digits. It is in excellent shape, with no dents or nicks. The only marking on it is light scuffing on the brushed stainless "RR" badge, which I assume is due to the fact that, because of lack of real estate in my ten compartment reel case (did I mention I have too many reels?), I had the spare spool and reel side by side in the same compartment. It's not all that visible and also strange in my opinion in that there is no gouging that I can feel with my fingernail, just very superficial marks. Whether for this or anything else, I'm happy to send additional pictures if needed and/or set up some sort of video call - FaceTime, Zoom, etc. - if you want to take a closer look at anything. Both spools will have backing on them, with one to be spooled with the fly line mentioned above. The reel still has the original box, pouch, instructions, and blank warranty card. Price for everything is $195, which will include shipping in the continental US. Thanks.
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