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    Longshot I suspect, but I'm looking for a spare spool for a Lamson Litespeed, and there are two models that are interchangeable apparently and would work with my reel. One is the Litespeed G5, and I gather they labeled the spool sizes differently in different model years. It's the size that is rated for 4-6 weight lines, which was marketed as model 5+ at one time and model 2 in another. The series that is interchangeable with those is the Litespeed Micra 5, and it was offered the same way, as model 5+ at one time and model 2 in another, but again, in both cases for 4-6 weight lines. My reel is the solid black ("blackout") model, but I'm indifferent as to color with a spare spool. I don't log in to post all that frequently, so if you should have anything, kindly shoot me an email at [deleted]. Sorry for being cryptic about that, I'm just trying to stay a step ahead of the spambots that scour web pages for email addresses. Thanks.
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