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Thread: October 9, 2022

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    You should post a video demonstrating your technique for catching those Giant Floater Mussels and the fly pattern(s) used to catch them. Are the live or dead mussels attracted to the same patterns? ( ) Great photos by the way.

    Thanks Rick & Dale!
    Great idea, Dennis! Color hasn't seemed to be a factor, but #2 or #4 conehead Woolly Bugger or conehead Zuddler seem to be the patterns they are keying one. The dead mussels seem to prefer a slower retrieve near the bottom. The living really seems like a reaction strike, so keep the fly moving fast!
    A couple other pro-tips...They'll often bulldog, fight deep...but catch one in the right mood (a.k.a. a "flexing" mussel), and they will jump, headshake, and tailwalk like a tarpon! So be sure to "bow to the king" exactly like you would a jumping tarpon. You won't find this kind of experienced-based advice anywhere else...guaranteed!
    The still-alive ones are slimy/gamey. Turn those loose. The long-dead ones you can eat, though. I hear they are chock-full of calcium.
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