I watched Lefty Kreh about tying an Albright knot and he recommends in his book to use Loctite 406 on the knots. I don't have any. Was wondering what I wanted to secure my knot with. I have used super glue in the past. Out fishing I use Loons UV Knot Sense. That cures hard and so does super glue. My albright knot was a quarter inch long if not a tad more. I finally found out that Loctite 406 is just another super glue! Since my knot was a bit long I wanted to use something more flexible. My thoughts went to Pliobond....which Lefty recommends in his book somewherre......Tear Mender.....and Liquid Stitch. I decided to try Liquid Stitch as it is flexible. I have used it on other stuff and like it. Holds up in the washing machine.....should hold up just fishing.

just fyi