Bluegill Budd and Ohiotuber....enjoy your posts. I am sort of new to Maine.....been here a few years now but not always fishing. So not good at fishing here. I would like to know where you went fishing in Maine. I have discovered a fish here I never new about out west all my life. it is called a Pumpkin Seed. It is a panfish and appears to be quite a fighter. I shall be targeting them once my eye injury is over. I walked into something hard and immovable in the garage. Pretty serious harsh gouge into the right eye. Docs examined and say the double vision will probably go away. Could be a damaged nerve, a muscle stuck in a position, or swelling and inflammation. Interesting she did the keep head forward and follow my finger with your eyes. She moved right and left and up and down. I never thought of this technique much. She even told the wife to watch......when I look UP my left eye goes up but the right eye does not! Anywhoo I caught some awesome trout out west....but not having much luck fishing in Maine for trout or bass. I have not been a bass fisherman so a rookie at that effort. But 'tis what most of the waters near me have. Sorry for length of msg. jim