I never thought that I would run out of hooks. It's been years since I have bought anything. Looking to buy some jig hooks (think Euro nymphing) and could use a push in the right direction.

The number of hook resellers has tripled since I bought hooks last. The last value price hooks that I bought were Daiichi. I looked at the prices of Daiichi today and they are no longer what I would consider to be a value priced hook. They seem to be a premium priced hook today.

Considering Firehole and Saber. Looking for some recommendations that are around $15-20 / 100. I just don't want to buy $100 worth of hooks only to find out that I made a terrible choice.

If there is already a good thread on this, would love a shove pointing to that. I tried to do a couple of searches and came up blank. Thanks everyone