Ok things look stable for now.
The next step now that iPhone season is done is to prune all the users that have not logged in in a couple years and have no posts.

I'll wait a bit and then its Edward Scissorhands time.....

I'm also thinking of actually turning on and using blogs for those that miss articles and stuff. It would have to be community driven though and community policed. My current job doesn't leave much time for anything but eating and working, and we can't just throw extra volunteer work on Charlaine or others.

i have to look at the mechanics of that and see if BB software needs to be patched first though.

Any opinions on Blogs?

Or how about we add a section on the BB for links to other fly fishing sites or YouTube instructions that are of value.
FAOL is not a source of income for anyone anymore - so it can morph into a central stepping off place for all things flyfishing.

Let me know. But if it gets super popular - I may have to put a few ads to offset costs. For now, this is part of my other stuff, so no ads are needed. Thanks all.