Last year I hosted a couple of fly swaps. One tier sent some extras for the swap master,

This fly:

I had the opportunity to use this fly on the Henery?s Fork, Firehole and the Madison with great success!
My Guide on the Henery?s Fork was super impressed with it also, and he fishes 200 days a year and sees a crazy huge amount of flys in action.

This fly accounted for dozens of fish, was DEADLY on the Firehole.

Here is the thing, I lost the tiers info, and I wanted to thank him/her for the flys and relay the success of the fly.

I would really like to know who sent me these flys, and get the exact recipe.

Or, just SELL me 2dozen and I will give some away to all my fly fishing friends for Christmas.

Feel free to reply here or IM me..

Thanks in advance!