Hello, ive been building rods for a few years now, mainly spinning rods, but ive come into a cane rod ive been meaning to restore. Its nothing special, but still i want to make it nice for myself. Ive never wrapped rattan before, i have no idea what size to use, im thinking 2mm. I know nothing of grade, or what exactly to look for. Also is it suggested to soak it before wrapping? Any suggestions are welcome. Its either rattan or birch bark, and ive been having an issue finding decent birch bark as well.. Id rather not have to cut up a 12x12 sheet just to turn it down. 2x2 squares are apparently harder to come by then i thought.

Back to rattan, i undrstand how to do it, just need guidence on what type, grading, size, and weather its flexible enough to not soak, or if its necessary.
Thanks guys