The Brodhead is about 45 minutes a bit south and east of you. The upper Lehigh has already been mentioned. There are numerous small streams, creeks and beaver ponds in the area. Unfortunately, many are on private property. Check the maps of the State Game Lands and National Forests in the area to see what might be available. I really can't tell you much about trout fishing up there. When my fishing buddies and I head up to the Poconos, we're usually hitting small lakes and ponds for panfish, bass and chain pickerel. At some point, 40 or so years ago, I ice fished Pocono Lake. We used to rent houses for the hunting and ski season in the area. If you need a break from cold water fishing, catching panfish on a fly rod is fun, and bass and chain pickerel are a blast. They aren't near as picky as trout.