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    A farmer is herding a large flock of sheep back to his barn when a guy driving a fancy auto on a nearby road slows, stops and gets out, He walks up to the fence and yells to the farmer: If I can guess how many sheep you have, will you give me one? The farmer who thinks there is no way, Says Ok,
    The guy goes back to his car gets a computer out and works away. " You have exactly One hundred seventy-one sheep." The farmer says "That's right come and get one The guy climbs over the fence grabs an animal and heads back to the fence when the farmer yells " wait!, If I can guess your vocation, will you give my animal back? The guy says OK. You are a consultant says the farmer. How can you possibly know says the guy. The farmer says " It was easy. You came here uninvited, Charged me to answer a question I already knew the answer to and Know nothing about my business. Now, can I have my dog back?.
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