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Thread: New Zealand's "Lake Clearwater" now pea soup

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    Unhappy New Zealand's "Lake Clearwater" now pea soup

    22 December 2020: A media report (https://i.stuff.co.nz/environment/12...ic-algae-bloom) states that Lake Clearwater, in New Zealand's South Island, is now infested with a toxic algal bloom making the water resemble pea soup. Authorities have closed the lake to anglers and other recreational users because blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is a major health risk.

    And the cause? Farming fertilisers and other nutrients have entered the lake. Naturally, farmers dispute this view by blaming natural wetlands as the cause (these clowns must be snorting their cattle drench if they say that). But records show the lake has not met the regional water plan standards since 2005.

    Update, 27 December 2020: other South Island waterways are also in bad shape - see https://nzffa.com/toxic-river-algae-early-summer-a-shameful-situation/

    Update, 7 January 2021: yet another disgraceful pollution incident from New Zealand dairy farming. A farmer has copped a record fine of $103,500 for deliberately allowing waste to enter a trout river. See https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/dairy/300199404/dairy-farmer-fined-103500-for-effluent-discharge-storing-silage-near-water

    Update, 11 January 2021: a not for profit organisation, Wai New Zealand, aims to record freshwater pollution and enable members of the community to take action to protect waterways. See its website at http://www.wainz.org.nz/gallery/

    So much for the "100% Pure" New Zealand experience.
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