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Thread: Big reforms planned for New Zealand's environmental laws

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    Cool Big reforms planned for New Zealand's environmental laws

    29 July 2020: The NZ government has today announced plans to repeal the Resource Management Act (our principal statute for dealing with the physical environment). The decision is based on a report from an independent committee chaired by a retired Court of Appeal judge (see

    Two new Acts will replace the old one. The Environment Ministry said the review was " ... an opportunity to design a new system for resource management in New Zealand that delivers better outcomes for our environment, society, economy, and culture. The Panel has come up with a large number of recommendations that will reorient the system to focus on delivery of specified outcomes, targets and limits in the natural and built environments."

    Fortunately, the proposals include some ideas for improvements to the rules on water conservation orders. WCOs have been used to block dams and other development on some our best trout streams, such as Southland's Mataura river.

    aturally, the New Zealand farming lobby opposes WCOs. There's always someone looking for a free lunch.

    Further steps towards implementing the new laws must await the results of the September general election.
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