After a few failed attempts on the local blue lines (I?ll blame high water, but it?s most likely my fault) I gave it another shot since Mother Nature has turned down the faucet.

Looks a like Snowcat City has expanded their product line.

Hit the turnoff, park the truck and although I can hear the creek while I rig up, it?s not as loud as last week so I might actually be able to wade it. It?s still up, but I?ll be able to get from side to side if I pick my spots (glad I put a new set of Kold Kutters on my boots, though).

Lots of shucks but I guess the emergence has passed; no bugs to speak of, except for mosquitos (the phone is convenient, but just doesn?t have it for the macro shots).

We?ll see if we can pound some up.

Turns out it?s good for a couple