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Thread: New Zealand government policy fails to protect waterways

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    Default New Zealand government policy fails to protect waterways

    19 June 2020

    After setting up a committee to advise on how to properly manage and effectively protect water resources, the New Zealand government has decided on a policy that, in the view of concerned scientists, will fail to do the job.

    A detailed examination of this failure appears at

    Basically, many NZ rivers and streams are already loaded with nitrogen and phosphorous from fertiliser used in intensive farming, The proposed policy will do nothing to change that. The government has condemned the nation's rivers to a slow death by pollution.

    Update 17 July 2020: the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers was not impressed by the government's weak policy. See comments at

    Update 20 July 2020; very good paper by freshwater scientist Dr R Death on NZ water pollution problems. See ("Why Can't I See the Forest for the Cows?" power point presentation). The cartoon shown early on in the paper is 100% correct. Rather than spend money to clean up our rivers (and admit there is a problem) the NZ dairy industry spends millions on propaganda.

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