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Thread: Conservation........................ of life.

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    Default Conservation........................ of life.

    Yesterday, here in Chicago, a dude "fell" ( circumstances not known to me) into the Chicago River and was rescued by his GIRLFRIEND, He's currently in an IC unit recovering ( How could I live with THAT?) but, lest I "offend" someone, my point is: When we as fishermen, fly et al, often in the pursuit of fish, place ourselve into what could be deemed as dangerous situations, are we prepared? Be it wading in deeper fast water, float tube, canoe etc. What if we slip on a rock, canoe or float tube overturns etc., are you prepared for the worse case scenario ?. Can you /do you know how TO SWIM.
    My own "experiences" (4) were "into" the Snake River just outside Jackson WY while bank fishing the Boulder bank/berm downstream of the Wilson Bridge. Cheap, Geat fishing BUT with consequences ( 2 IPhones and 3 Pentax Cameras). Other than freezing some bodily extremities having to walk back soaked for about 2-3 miles , I obviosly survived. I am a good swimmer having saved hundreds of lives as a lifeguard at Chigago's Montrose Beach a "few" years ago. Even with THAT, I know my limitations.
    So my question is ......are you prepared for the worse case scenario or do you know your limitations and play safe.?
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