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Thread: STH 8910 Cassette Fly Reel with WF11S Line and Spare Cassette - EXCELLENT

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    Default STH 8910 Cassette Fly Reel with WF11S Line and Spare Cassette - EXCELLENT

    SOLD. Beautiful STH 8910 Cassette fly reel. This is a beautifully machined, anodized fly reel made by STH of Argentina. The drag pad has just been replaced and it comes with a spare cassette. The reel is loaded with a WF11S line and backing. The reel is truly in excellent condition and would be perfect for salmon and steelhead fishing or any larger species of fish. It is set up for left hand retrieve but can easily be converted to right hand retrieve. Set spare cassette allows you to carry two different lines without the need for an extra spool. The cassette feature also makes reversal of the retrieval from right to left without having to take all of the line off the reel.
    $95.00 plus $10 Shipping.
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