... ranch ...

... not as in "miles per gallon" but as in MPG Ranch in the northern Saphire Mountains just south of Missoula MT.

They got this bunch of trail cameras going 24/7 that pick up all kinds of wildlife on their very large conservation oriented piece of land. Bears, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, moose, elk, deer, otters, badgers, marmots. Only one wolf so far in a couple years of watching, and only a couple pronghorn antelope, which are really rare in the Bitterroot / Saphire ranges. Plus some feral horses.

Also, there are a good number of live video feeds, a couple of which are identified for osprey nests. The cameras have 360* rotation plus up / down adjustment and a zoom feature. Its possible to scan a very large area of wildland and occasionally find wildlife to observe. Presently, both of the osprey nests are occupied, and the hens should be laying eggs shortly. There is also a kestrel nest, but the kestrels haven't done well the past couple years, for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, it's an interesting place to go when you have to stay at home, and even when your don't.