Hello MSD. I am 10 years older. New sort of to Maine. Wondering where in Maine you were. Do you ever come back to Maine? uh...anyway I think I can help you with the bread stuff. Not sure whether to start a new thread....continut on this one....or....just send you Private message. The site is supposed to be about fly fishing. So I don't think I should start a new thread about making bread. Unfortunately in private communications we would be the only ones benefitting. Other people on this site may want the same communication or info.....but won't get it. I remember (haven't been on here for several years) there used to be a cooking board. Anyway I will send you a private message. I have the instructions for making your own starter.....which I did years ago and am still using that very same starter! You do not need to buy yeast. Yeast is everywhere....in the air. I only use flour, starter, water, salt to make bread. NO yeast added. Hope I can be of assistance for you. jim