... means that I cannot go to my favorite bakery ( which is closed for the time being ) for bread ...

... and that I have more time than usual to find interesting things on YouTube.

A couple weeks ago I ran across some videos on making bread, something that I had considered several times over the years but never got around to. Partly because I really like the bread from the bakery that I have been patronizing for about fifteen years.

Most of the videos demo-d breadmaking that was a bit, or more, beyond what I was intersted in taking on.

Then I ran across "Artisanbreadwithsteve", and in particular his "turbo" bread which can be made with most any flour ( or so I understand from watching a number of his videos ). Steve's "turbo" bread uses only three ingredients - yeast, salt, and flour - plus water and takes only about 20-30 minutes of actual prep time, not including time for the dough to "proof" a couple times and 40 minutes baking time. Start to finish, this is about a 3 to 3.5 hour stay at home project.

So far, I've done one loaf using bread flour and one loaf using half bread flour and half whole wheat. Both turned out just dandy, and were much less expensive than the bakery breads, or even store bought breads, we usually have.

You can find quite the variety of breads and bread products ( read rolls and pizza crust for openers ) by searching "artisanbreadwithsteve" on the YouTube search feature. Even if you don't have to stay home, you might enjoy a bit more of the time you spend there.