Thanks for the replies.

I recently got a pine squirrel pelt. Very pleased with the product. I received a gift last month for my birthday that, for me, is pretty cool. It's called a Swiss CDC clamp. Been practicing making soft hackles using oversized hackle, squirrel, and comparadun deer hair. The squirrel soft hackles look particularly good. I can foresee tying many of them in the months ahead, thus the need for squirrel skins. I contemplated road kill as well as fresh harvest but neither really appeal to me. I've seen them on ebay and etsy but I would much prefer to get some input from folks on this board who have purchased skins, if they liked them, and where they got them. Not in a hurry …. the squirrel that I have on hand will no doubt tie be enough to tie 2-3 hundred soft hackles if not more. John 52948 I will check and see if Wapsi has squirrel skins.

Thanks again