The Cuba trip was an eye opener, I was staying in Cayo Guiermo and decided to try a bone fish trip with Donyeski's guide service. I got an awesome guide named Alex and a nice flats boat, all for $285 for an eight hour day! We started in some mangrove lagoons where fish were churning up the bottom. Alex got me to cast a small crab fly right into the cloud and let it settle, almost instantly I had one on and was amazed at the fight, I thought it was comparable to a ten pound salmon, peeling line and bent for hell! Lo and behold, it was a four pound bone, I managed to catch a few more of similar size and then Alex said we should go and wade the flats for some larger fish. We ran out and anchored the boat in about three feet of water and jumped in, wading and watching towards the drop off area where the larger fish come onto the flats to feed. The wind was blowing about 20kts, hard to cast and hard to spot. Finally a pair of larger bones came along and I managed to scare them off with poor cast piling up in front of them(damit)! A permit cruised by but was spooked off before I could get my line out(damit again)! Eventually another pair of bones came along and I managed to place the fly on the bottom well ahead of them, a little twitch and one broke off and sizzled right for my fly! I had him on for about ten minutes and then he spit the hook, GONE! He might have been seven or eight pounds? Oh well, we were done for the day, but what a day! That was my only time Bonefishing and have been dreaming about going again for a few years now, looking forward to trying again, but I hear the Hawaiian bones are trickier than most? Any insight appreciated!!!