So, I think that I want to tie tube flies. I have seen several videos from 2014 / 2015 on the Stonfo tube fly vise called a 610. I found some nice pictures of it online, but can't find a vendor in the US. I found a guy on Ebay who sells them out of POLAND.

Anyone know what happened to this vise? Anyone have a US source that they know of?

I have two backup options:

Renzetti tube vice
I own a Peak as a back up to my Barracuda and I see that Peak just has a tube jaw replacement for about a $100.

The HMH kits are OK, but I think a dedicated vise would be nicer and I want to be relatively cheap on this one so the HMH tube fly vice that approaches $300, I'm going to pass on at the moment.

I have never tied a tube fly or fished with one before so not sure that this is the answer to all of my needs. So not interesting in the big dollar vices for tying less than 10% of what I tie.

Thanks for your thoughts.