Thanks for the thoughts guys. No downrigger on the Hobie. I do see many people trolling cranks and spoons. The drug for me is the big tug and the thought of big trout trips my trigger so to say.

I did see that young man tying some flies. Just not sure that is the best way to approach this. It was hinted at that many people tie these with mylar rope and then fray the rope after they are tied in a similar way that I would take some yarn and fray the fibers for a wooly bugger tail.

Note that this project is for trolling the great lakes, I think that some of these same techniques would make great stream and river flies.

Again, I think that these are very simple flies, I just don't tie on a treble usually and don't think that tying each of the three hanks of mylar between the treble are done individually for each of a 3 color fly ( applying 9 hanks of material.) After a lot of research, something like this, but still not sure that this is the best way either: