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Thread: Tenkara/Keiryu fly rod for Euro Nymphing? (Daiwa Kiyose 36S-F)

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    Default Tenkara/Keiryu fly rod for Euro Nymphing? (Daiwa Kiyose 36S-F)


    I'm on a limited budget and would like to try Euro nymphing. A friend in Europe said that on medium-sized streams there they use 11' fly rods for that technique, but as I can't afford a full rod setup right now, and as the fly line and reel are hardly used, I thought, why not try tenkara Euro Nymphing instead? After all, in competitions they use reels and line just because they have to!

    So I read a little more about it and found out that some folks use the Tenkara USA Amago rod, and others use similar but stiffer bait rods (keiryu).

    My question is, what do you folks think of the Daiwa Kiyose 36S-F (or the new Keiryu-X) or the Nissin Fine Mode Kosansui Koucho 360 (or 390)? They are longer (11'08"-almost 13') than the more popular Kiyose 33S-F (10'10"), and more affordable (around $90 on Ebay) than the newer model, the Daiwa Keiryu-X 33 or 36. But will it feel the contour of the bottom, every rock bump and every bite like a high quality "regular" setup?

    It's my understanding that one needs a longer Tenkara rod as opposed to a fly rod with line and reel, to make up for its lack of those; I live in Connecticut and think I'd probably use it primarily to fish the Farmington River. Thus my questions whether I should spring for the longer Kiyose 36S-F, or stick to the the "smaller", more popular 33S-F. Or maybe there is another, better, nymphing Tenkara/Kiyose rod that's under ~$100 to 120? (And is the newer Keiryu-X really worth the extra $30? They just have a slightly higher penny rating and fancier wrapping.)

    Anyone tried Keiryu rods for Euro nymphing?What setup (leader, etc.) did you use?

    I really appreciate your advice.


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