Interesting thread. Wondering about the, one time, proud new owners of these buildings, the first born there (or their conception), marriages, good times and bad and deaths that have taken place there. I have an ongoing photography project photographing abandoned farm houses in two counties in SW Michigan. There are many. As the larger industrial farms expand, they buy (or lease) smaller family owned farms that may be too small to be profitable these days. They, of course, want the acreage and don't care about the houses that go with it and can become hazards and liabilities. So they sit, empty, not maintained, and eventually, gradually, return to the earth. Some are very plain, others decidedly otherwise. but the end is the same for all, a pile of rubble in the cellar hole, if there was a cellar. Documenting their devolution over a period of years makes for a sad but interesting project, after trout season is over.