I've had so much fun paddling that I want to upgrade my kayak selection. This last week I picked up a new kayak trailer and now I need to buy a boat so that I can use the new trailer.

New 4 place kayak trailer: http://www.tritontrailers.com/waterc...r-sport/kayak/

I'm down to three boats.

The Jackson Mayfly has been on the short list since it's introduction. Perfect for a sight casting, standing fly fisherman.

Jackson Coosa FD. This is a pedal boat and I will be able to cover more ground, love the FD drive for shallow water in that if you hit an obstruction the drive will fold up into the boat and not cause a problem when fishing the flats. Concerned about line management with the pedals.

Hobie PA 14. Big water boat, beautiful if I want to hit Lake Michigan but would only do that a couple of times per year. Concerned about shallow water with damage to the drive mechanism. I chase the carp in shallow water with the fly rod often. Concerned about fly line management and while I own two different stripping baskets, I never really liked using them.

So what do you guys think?