I've been watching this product for almost a year now, and thought I would share it in case others might find it useful.
I am not employed by nor on the pro staff of any of the companies named below:

I've owned/used a fishing kayak for the past 10 years. There are many good things about it, and I enjoy it. I do have some complaints about my kayak, including:
-the seat is low and not particularly comfortable.
-the low seat and lack of a flat floor in my kayak make standing up and fishing extremely difficult.
-the pedal system works great when moving forward, but a paddle must be deployed to slow down or go in reverse.
-lots of things that could grab unmanaged fly line.

Certainly there are other kayaks that address some of these issues to various degrees.

Blue Sky Boatworks, an offshoot of Jackson Kayak, has developed a catamaran (twin hull) style boat that has me pretty excited. Its called a 360 Angler, and addresses nearly all my concerns with my kayak. This boat will give me a higher and more comfortable seat for sight fishing, with plenty of room to stand and cast as well. The two hulls with a deck between them is an extremely stable fishing platform. The pedal/propellor system goes in forward and reverse seamlessly. You can stand and cast to the side or off the front deck with very little that will catch your stripped in fly line.

Plenty of off-deck storage inside each hull.
Anyway....Blue Sky Boatworks is on Facebook, Instagram, and they have their own website as well. They have launched the product with a 30-day effort on Kickstarter...they met their funding goal on Day 1. There are currently about 7 days left. On KickStarter, they are offering nice discounts off what will be the MSRP for these boats.
Check it out if you might be interested. I ordered one. They are planning to ship out the first boats in June. There are good videos showing this product on all their platforms (KickStarter, Instagram, Facebook)...check out all three because there are different videos on each one.

Here's the link to their KickStarter campaign:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects... sky boatworks