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Thread: Three Trout Rods for Sale - Lamiglas, Diamondback, and Quarrow

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    Default Three Trout Rods for Sale - Lamiglas, Diamondback, and Quarrow

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods.

    Rod # 1:
    Lamiglas 7ft 6in 5 weight Esprit F765 graphite rod. SOLD
    This is a very nice Lamiglas 7? 6?, 5 weight fly rod. I am pretty sure it could easily be used with a 4 weight line. Great small stream rod. The rod is in very good to excellent condition with some small scratches at the but end of the tip section that will not impact the function of the rod. Rod comes with original bag but no tube. I will ship the rod in a well protected carton.
    $95 shipped to you.

    Rod #2:
    Quarrow Drake 9ft 5 weight graphite rod -
    This is a wonderful rod that is an under the radar buy. 9ft, 5 weight, 2 pieces, weighing 3.4 ounces. Quarrow made rods for other companies when they were in business and marketed some under their own name. This is one of those rods. It is a very light rod with great backbone for longer casts when needed. The rod is a beautiful emerald green color with high quality components. I was the original owner and fished it lightly. Rod is in excellent condition. No tube, but it comes with its original bag and will be shipped for safe arrival.
    $85 plus 12.50 shipping.

    Rod # 3:
    Diamondback All American 805 DGS700 -
    This is a great little Diamondback All American DGS700 8ft 5 weight fly rod. Super for small stream fishing. It is in excellent shape and has been lightly fished. It comes with a bag and its original tube. The rod weighs in at 2.6 ounces. The rod is in very good to excellent condition. The tube has one small dent in it.
    $150 plus 12.50 shipping

    Pictures can be PMed on request.
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