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Thread: Quarrow 9? 5 Weight Fly Rod

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    Default Quarrow 9 Foot 5 Weight Fly Rod

    Quarrow Drake 9 foot 5 weight graphite rod -
    This is a wonderful rod that is an under the radar buy. 9?, 5 weight, 2 pieces, weighing 3.4 ounces. Quarrow made rods for other companies when they were in business and marketed some under their own name. This is one of those rods. It is a very light rod with great backbone for longer casts when needed. The rod is a beautiful emerald green color with high quality components. I was the original owner and fished it lightly. I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. No tube, but it comes with its original bag and will be shipped for safe arrival.
    $85 plus 12.50 shipping.
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