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This next one, a graphite blank, might be a J. Kennedy Fisher...or maybe a Boron blank. Any idea from the markings on this blank? 20171004_161858.jpg

And then there are these two 2-pc. glass blanks I believe to be Phillippsons, based on their ferrules. The olive blank looks like the old Orvis Golden Eagle. It's an 8 footer, but no markings on the blank whatsoever. Its sister, the brown blank, is an 8 1/2' 2 pc., and I've been told that it might be a Phillippson CA 80. Again, no markings on the blank at all. The butt of the brown blank is slightly larger in diameter than that of the olive 8 footer. Any thoughts on what line they're rated for, or how to determine that? And, what might be a fair price to ask for them?

20171004_161019.jpg9B_Phillippson_Orvis_Ferrules.jpg 20171004_161355.jpg

Thank you all for looking at these posts, and for any insight you can give!

Tight lines,