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Although what I know about furled leaders is close to what I know about mathematical manifolds, tippet rings obviously are great for ease of connecting whatever ...............such as tippet material. As far as using jewelry chains etc, in order to use them, one must CUT each link to remove it from the continuous chain thus compromising it's mechanical integrity. The tippet rings that are on MY few furled leaders are continuous circles/rings with no chance of an opening or separation failure. Need, cost, worth, value, utility.


Having said that, I'd rather be and am now in Wyoming.
What you know about sacrificing every other link in a chain to get a "continuous ring with no chance of an opening or separation failure" appears to be close to what you know about "mathematical manifolds", or simple math, as far as that goes.

The tippet rings from silver and steal chains used on virtually all the furled leaders I've used exclusively for dry fly fishing over the past dozen plus years, fishing dry flies somewhere around 80-90 days per year, have no opening or separation to fail.

Need, cost, worth, value, utility are all represented by the chain sourced tippet rings in my many, many furled leaders, said tippet rings costing pennies each.