My vise number is on the plate on the wood base. I have wondered where one would find a # when they don't get the base.

Good ear. I viewed that video previously but didn't manage to catch the bit about the # on the inner jaw surface. However, I doubt it corresponds with the vise number. Jay states the jaws are numbered so he can match them during and after manufacturing. Also, his vises have come equipped with different jaw styles (std, pro, midge & Damasteel).

If you're not getting the wood base, you also won't be getting the extension arm or the carry bag priced in the kit. Plus your shipping will be about half. That's a good bit of savings right there. On that note, while I agree that Jay's wood base is costly, I feel it really does add to the vise's versatility.

If you have any use for bead dishes, his are nice. Only $10 each for the acetyl dish.

The stem knuckle is a neat option. Maybe not something you'd use everyday, but it's a quick and easy way of getting max clearance behind the jaws. Not many rotaries offer this angle adjustment, but it is a bit of a price bump.

The gallows is inexpensive and obvious. He states the articulating bobbin rest is popular, but I don't see its purpose over the standard rest.

Color anodizing options are shown on the order form. I don't think any color is going to affect your tying. Spending the $25 extra for color would be the last thing after everything else I wanted was accounted for in the budget. That said, if I were to get one in a color other than silver, i'd go all out with solid brass.