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    Default Fishing furled leaders

    How do you fish with your furled leader and what length do you use for that purpose?

    I am fairly new to furled leaders. 95% of the time i fish streamers, nymphs or soft hackles. My leaders are all 5 ' to which i add 4 or 5 ' of tippet

    My closest trout water is a tail water which is has more like a lake or very slow current when the Corp is not generating( when generating it is not safe to wade). Generally i strip a small pine squirrel streamer or fish it under an indicator. i have been using a 6x mono furled leader which is very soft with fluorocarbon tippet. i have tried a uni furled leader which casts great but requires more attention to keep it floating. This river does have march browns & cahill mayflies that hatch sporadically so soft hackles can be effective at times, and midges are usually prevelant in the winter months but they have been so tiny ( size 32 ++)since some major flooding that i have not messed with them
    For warm warm fishing i probably use a 4 lb fluorocarbon furled leader the most on a 6 wt fly rod. The fluorocarbon helps the streamers get down a little quicker. i do use 4lb mono furled leaders if i think i might fish poppers . For blue gill waters i primarily us my trout leader with a foam bug
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