While wandering around Youtube a few weeks ago, I ran across some videos on building skin on frame ( SOF ) watercraft.

Having had little more than a passing interest in kayaks and canoes in the past, it has really been interesting to explore the whole SOF thing, to the point of being on the verge of building one, as in a 13-14' canoe that weighs about 25-30 pounds.

If the thought of very light watercraft appeals to you, and you like the idea of building a canoe or kayak or rowboat or pram or even a sail boat, you might want to start with Dreamcatcher Boats or Gentry Custom Boats. There are several other outfits / websites offering boats, or plans, or kits or SOF boat building classes.

If I get around to building an SOF canoe, I'll post it here. Things are a bit up in the air right now due to recent right shoulder injury, which hopefully will resolve shortly.