I decided to treat myself to a new fishing kayak. I have been fishing out of an old Hobie Outback with the Mirage drive and really like it. I decided to go all out and get the Hobie Professional Angler in the new Camo color. The 2017 model has a new drive system that allows you to pull a cable and go in reverse which is a big plus for fishing in tight spots. The Pro Angler is designed by fishermen and is extremely well engineered. It is stable enough to fish from a standing position and the seat is adjustable for different heights, back position and even has built in adjustable lumbar support. I've only taken it out once (last evening) and it is miles ahead of the old Hobie Outback I had. Now all I need to do is finally retire so that I can really spend some time in my new toy

P.S. This is a generic photo of the same kayak I have. I chose the 12 foot model because it has a shorter turning radius and it's all that I need.