If you're not a fan of Facebook, Twitter, etc., prefer the forum format, and are looking for an additional Tenkara forum to compliment the activity here.
A new Tenkara forum opened 12 January called 10 Colors Tenkara.
It is open to discussion of all brands, and other fixed line fishing methods. Many early members migrated from the Tenkara-Fisher forum. And it is attracting new members from Japan and other places.


The Tenkara-Fisher forum closed 18 January due to on going hacker attacks.
However, blog post were preserved on the new Tenkara-Fisher blog, which plans on adding new content.


The rest of the story can be read here:


There is a reason to follow forum rules, and use a secure password to protect the forums you particiapte in. This sort of thing is on going, and a PITA for site administrators.

Indeed I think it was about a year ago I received two automated emails from this forum notifying me that someone had attempted to login here using my userid. I don't recall the localcation of the first one. I don't think it included the source url. It's possible it was only due to someone innocently making a typo when trying to long in. The second notification, which happened only a short time later, had a url address somewhere in eastern China.

It was the forum section of Tenkara-Fisher that was hacked. And it was the comments feature that was hacked on the Discover Tenkara website in the UK over a year ago that destroyed their previous blog content. On their new blog website comments to new blog post are only open for a short time, then closed, to decrease the time window when it is most vulnerable to being hacked.