In Japan 山本素石氏, Mr. Yamamoto Soseki, is often referred to as the Father of Modern Tenkara.
I don't think he was particularly known for being a great angler, but instead was known for being a great author of many books about fishing and promoting the outdoor life.
Most of what I know about him was reading what others wrote about him, or finding list of the various books he wrote.

It was interesting to find a 28 minute video of him fishing with friends. That was uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

Maybe you will find the video interesting. It's from a 1985 TV show. Originally recorded on Betamax.

In which Yamamoto Soseki talks about Amago. Some is just tv studio footage, but there is a lot of fishing, and a stream side meal that was kind of interesting.
However, he and his companions are not Tenkara fishing.
They are keiryu fishing with bait, with markers on the line.

Instead of just still pictures and text. You actually hear Soseki-san's voice, and see him fishing a small stream.
A little bit about a man who helped create the Tenkara culture that exist today in Japan.

They also discuss other types of fish. Some I have never heard of before.

アマゴ Amago
ヤマメ Yamame
山女魚 Yamame
シラメ Shirame
ビワマス Biwa trout. Apparently native to Lake Biwa.

Uploaded to YouTube 5 April 2015.

山本素石氏、アマゴを語る Mr Yamamoto Soseki Talks about Amago.