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Thread: Straight leader / tippets

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    Default Straight leader / tippets

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to locate some straight leaders in the 60 to 80 pound range.

    I ran out of what I had, and can not seem to find them any more.

    They are very hard and stiff, they came in different lengths; 12 to 24 , they came in a plastic tube.

    If anyone knows were I can pick some up, or how to make them I would appreciate the input.


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    It sounds like what you are looking for are "bite tippets" to attach to your regular leader for fish with teeth or gill plates that would cut through a regular leader. Is this correct?

    If so, you can buy mono or fluorocarbon tippet material on spools in 60 or 80 pound test from many retailers, such as J Stockard (sponsor of this forum). This heavy tippet can be difficult to straighten, which is probably why you have seen it packaged in short segments in tubes. You can straighten it easily by putting short segments in a metal tube and leaving them in a warm (120 degree) oven for a few minutes.


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    Thanks for the info!

    Will give it a try, and order from the forum sponsor.


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