The 2013 Spring Issue of Headwater Keiryu magazine. 渓流2013年・春号.

2013年「渓流」春号が発売されました , The 2013 "mountain stream" spring issue has been released;た/,320_.jpg


Has an article written by Takashi Yoshida that begins on page 104. Part of the title is 佐藤垢石の毛鉤を巻く , Winding the Kebari of Koseki Sato.
佐藤垢石 Koseki Sato was a well know fishing essayist, and author of books. I think Mr. Koseki Sato passed away in 1956 at the age of 68 y.o., so these are old school kebari patterns.
Takashi Yoshida's article in the magazine is about winding 10 different kebari found in Koseki Sato's book, 山女魚釣 , Yamame Fishing.

This is a picture of page 111 from that article showing three reproductions of the kebari in Koseki Sato's book.


The Hachi (bee) kebari posted previously was is one of them. Another one I have tied, used, and had success with is the ゼンマイ胴クジャク止め 毛鉤 (zenmai dō kujaku tome kebari).

The literal translation would be Zemai body peacock stop kebari. Probably better translated as zenmai body peacock end kebari. Not a lot different from some other kebari, only the peacock herl has been moved from just behind the hackle to the hook bend. Here is my version.


There is a monument to 佐藤垢石 Koseki Sato in Maebashi city Kamidonadatown, 前橋 市上新田町.