The Daiwa website shows a Tenkara Set with date of March 2017. Available with a 3.3m or 3.6m rod at a slightly higher price. It's aimed at Tenkara beginners or as a travel set. I don't know if it will compete with Tenkara kits from TUSA, TenkaraBum, or Tenkara sets from other suppliers. Or if Tenkarabum will import them to compete with his own sets, doubtful. Nevertheless it's kind of an interesting kit with 2 lines: 4m fly line and 3m tapered line, four flies and a zippered case.

For some reason the below image doesn't appear full sized here, click the link below or just go to the Daiwa webpage:


Daiwa website:

Savvy Amazon shoppers could order it via Amazon Japan, or if Tenkarabum isn't interested in ordering it, I'd bet it could be ordered via Tenkaraya as a custom order if it isn't added as a standard product.

Of course I have no connection to any of these companies other than being a satisfied customer. I just thought someone might be interested to see one product that will probably accompany other new products in the spring.