In these videos Dr Ishigaki is seen lake fishing and fishing on the Akan River in Hokkaido, near the Takimi Bridge. Google those two places, a beautiful area.

He was clearly expecting to catch bigger fish during this trip. Because he carried a bigger tamo net. What I found most interesting, and educational about these videos was seeing how he played big fish. Often in fast water. How he handled the rod, used space to back away from the stream when possible, and how he hand-lined the fish into the net. As the great Yogi Berra once said, "You can see a lot by just watching."

These are not on stream teaching classes. Just Dr Ishigaki fishing. Most of the time alone.

2016.7 テンカラ大王と湖の釣り 湖のテンカラ毛鉤釣り 2016.7 Tenkara the Great Tenkara fly fishing lake fishing
「テンカラ大王こと石垣先生、湖インレットでテンカラを振る。」"Dr. Ishigaki, Tenkara the Great, Shake Tenkara in the lake inlet. "

I thought Dr Ishigaki was going to go "A River Runs Through It" at about the 3 minute mark, but he only went into the water up to his shirt collar. For a moment I thought all I would see was a floating hat. ; -)

2016.7 テンカラ大王と阿寒川吊橋上へ 2016.7 Tenkara Great and Akan River Above the Suspension Bridge
「テンカラ大王こと石垣先生との釣行2日目」" Ishigaki teacher Tenkara the Great Fishing the second day "

2016.7 テンカラ大王と阿寒川温泉上へ 2016.7 Tenkara the Great and the Akan River on Hot Spring(Onsen)
「テンカラ大王こと石垣先生との釣行3日目」"Fishing With Dr. Ishigaki Tenkara Great 3d Day"

There some other good fishing videos uploaded on the amagochan6332 YouTube channel. Most of the above videos were uploaded 4 months ago.

Speaking of fishing tactics. I think the In Focus Insider: Manipulation video from Discover Tenkara is very good. Well worth the few bucks purchase price.
Many tenkara fishing methods are clearly demonstrated, with tips on how to do the technique correctly , and close ups of hand position or the kebari on the water when needed. There is also an accompanying eBook.