On Oct 10th I was surprised & honored to receive a message from Jean Santos offering to make a set of line winders for me. Asking what art work I would like. The best thing for a poor artist to do is to let the real artist decide. Which is what I did.

On Dec 9th he sent me an update message & a link to a fun video he had made. (embedded below)
He mailed them to me on Dec 14th and they arrived today.

Included was a sheet of paper with sketches of the art work used to make the two pieces with explanation of the art work. It's a pity I'm having trouble with my scanner otherwise I would include a scanned image of it. It's also very fun to have. And I love Jean's cursive penmanship. It's has a grace & style I've been trying to develop over the last few years as my own penmanship style.

The top piece shows cutthroat rising, periwinkle flowers, and my name, David in Kanji. A kanji I had not seen before.

The bottom piece has Scotland Thistle, and the right side of the Submariner's Dolphin pin (my avatar on another forum shows the pin on a Polaris Military Tartan Kilt), a pin earned after a lot of study to have a basic knowledge of every system on a submarine. I thought it a good choice. Though I was not on my boat when it operated out of Holy Loch, I do have several branches of Scots dna, and there were two Kings of Scotland named David.

Here are two screen shots of the two pieces taken from the video, at 0:56 and 1:26.



There are many other examples of Jean's creativity and skill in the video. How do you like the Sting Ray covered rod grip ? Very cool I thought.

art & tenkara アートテンカラ


Thank you Jean Santos. Very much appreciated.