Last March I discovered the 釣熊@Washington DC ( Fishing Bear@Washington DC) Blog and posted a link to it in a forum post on the Tenkara-Fisher Forum about the 2015 Tenkara Jam.

I never discovered the bloggers' real name, only 釣熊 (Tsuri Kuma) Fishing Bear. Anyway, he lives near Washington DC and his blog is mostly in Japanese and it is about fly fishing and biking in that area.

While playing around last night I discovered in April 2016 he had made an English language post explaining what Tenkara is. And that blog post was an English translation of the 10th and last of a series of articles on Fly Fishing that he had written for JCAW, the Japanese Commerce Association of Washington DC Newsletter. Of course there isn't much new to be learned about Tenkara by most people here, but still I thought it interesting to read the perspective on the sport written by a Japanese person living here in the USA, 釣熊 wrote that he has been tenkara fishing since the 1990s.

I thought, I wonder if I can find an online copy of the JCAW Newsletter that contains the original article that he translated, in a condensed form, and posted in English on his blog. Ha, I found it was fairly easy by doing a google search with - JCAW・何はテンカラですか (JCAW - What is Tenkara). I not only found a pdf version of the newsletter, Dec 2014 issue, but also found a slideshow version. And although it is written in Japanese, and translating Japanese from a pdf document can be kind of difficult. I think it's still fun to take a look at, particularly if you fish in the Maryland, Va, area. There several links to English language websites in the JCAW Newsletter that were not included in the blog post.

Here is the link to the English language blog post.
TENKARA-What is this?

And here is a link to the JCAW Newsletter that contains his original article about Tenkara. Actually it is the last of ten articles about fly fishing, so Tenkara is not in the title of the essay. The title is 「フライフィッシング入門」:第10回(最終回)by 釣熊 "Introduction to fly fishing": 10th (last round) by Fishing Bear. His essay starts on page 12, and runs five pages, JCAW 会報2014年12月号 - Newsletter December 2014 Issue:

If for no other reason maybe you will be entertained by seeing a Japanese language article about Tenkara fishing where instead of mentioning this or that river in Japan. You will see the Potomac, Shenandoah, Gun Powder, Savage and other rivers here in America. With a few in Calif, Colo, and Canada thrown in. And if you're not entertained by it, my apology. It at least kept me amused for a while. : -)