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My curiosity lies in the fact that WHY is not the mandatory lake trout catch and kill requirement extended throughout the watershed which they share with the cutthroat. ? I believe Jackson Lake even has a size and creel limit on them.

Good question. Did a little digging and found this report https://www.researchgate.net/publica...ake_Trout_Woes
Their opinion - "The lake (Jackson) has been managed for trophy lake trout since 1937 and is closed to fishing in October to protect spawning lake trout (O'Ney and Gipson 2006). However, lake trout have been associated with a substantial decline in the lake's Snake River cutthroat trout (Behnke 1992). Jackson Lake is locally regarded as a top producer of trophy lake trout (Rhea 2007) and it produced a state record lake trout. Given the popularity of this fishery, angler resistance towards efforts to restore Snake River cutthroat trout in lieu of lake trout would be anticipated (Quist and Hubert 2004)."